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How to Identify a Genuine Silver Jewelry Manufacturer


It is hard to identify a reliable Silver Jewelry Manufacturer in this era of the internet. The moment you enter the keywords silver jewelry manufacturers on any search engine, the results you get are numerous which makes it difficult for you to identify a genuine and reliable manufacturer. You do not expect that Google or any other search engine will filter the genuine manufacturers from the fake ones. It is therefore up to you to use your smartness to identify one.


If you want to get into the jewelry business, the first and most important step is finding a reliable manufacturer. Most likely, you will be operating a jewelry shop online and far away from the manufacturer. This leaves you with the option of trusting and depending on the jewel manufacturer to understand and uphold the quality of the products himself. It is also important that a silver jewelry manufacturer to have a sound experience in manufacturing of jewelry and have a clear understanding of the fluctuations of the silver and gemstone prices.


How you can identify a genuine silver jewelry manufacturer


Visit their Website


A genuine manufacturer will display their office and showroom photos on their site. They ensure that they have three or more different websites as they acknowledge the fact that this is not a trail or part time job but their mainstream business.  You can get access to their contact addresses and phone numbers, and email on their site.  When it is working hours, they are readily available to talk to their customers and answer their questions. They will also clearly state their T&Cs and will go ahead to publish their license, business certificate, and other testimonials.


Make a visit after a short notification


You can give them a call and tell them that you will be visiting their showroom or office in the next one or two days. If they sound hesitant, then it is clear that they do not know where or how to handle it and they are not genuine, view website here!


Do not hesitate to ask few questions


You can ask them questions like, are you a manufacturer, how much is your annual sale, where are you exporting silver jewelry currently?  You can also go ahead and ask them if they sell to local suppliers, whether they make customized jewelry, the shipping costs, and any other relevant questions, click here to get started!


By doing this, you are assessing their credibility and only a genuine manufacturer will give quick and honest answers. Once you are satisfied with the answers given, you can go ahead and make a trial purchase by buying a few samples. You might want to check out this website at for more info about pique work.